Guide: Proof The Mind Is Not The Brain

Here is just one proof that the mind is not the brain.  First, here is the brain (includes most of the section in gray):


Now, each person has what is called a “tranfixridic program.”  A person’s tranfixridic program determines what they are and what they will be. This program is changed by our choices. Good choices create good changes. Bad choices create bad changes. The tranfixridic program is integrated (dependently connected) with the state of one’s brain.  If you change the tranfixridic program, you change the state of the brain.  Conversely, if you change the brain, you change the tranfixridic program.  Now, note:

The tranfixridic program is NOT found in the brain.  Currently, (“materialistic”) scientists have NO EXPLANATION for how the tranfixridic program can exist but they know that it exists.

Transfixridic Brain

Now,the most important thing you can know about the change flow (the changes that are currently occurring in the tranfixridic program and/or the brain) is that the tranfixridic program is stronger than the brain.  However, the tranfixridic program can lose control (for example, through traumatic brain injury).  If this happens, the TxM (tranfixridic program) fights to regain control and is always successful in regaining some degree of control, sometimes full control and sometimes almost no control.

Okay, so how does all of the above prove that the mind is not the brain?  Very simply:

The tranfixridic program resides outside of the brain and in the mind.  Therefore, the mind exists outside of the brain.

If you would like just a taste of the super technical research behind everything you have read, see Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project on the UPAX website.  In addition, we will be providing nontechnical and less technical information on this website if and when necessary.

Gay-Perverts Versus Muslims: Brain Structures

If we examine Gay-pervert brains and Muslim brains (see below), we see that they are identical. This means that what makes Gay-perverts and Muslims different is something outside of the brain. Some would say that the difference is in the soul. Others would say that the difference is in the psyche. Actually, soul and psyche are just two different ways of looking at the same thing.

We call the seat of the difference between Gay-perverts and Muslims the “soul-psyche.” This term incorporates the meanings of the term “soul” and the term “psyche.” This gets us into the areas of metaphysics and empirical metaphysics. We will stick with empirical metaphysics because it is science-based. Now, due to time limitations we will have to continue this discussion at another time.



How People Turn Into Homosexuals (Gay-Perverts)

Human behavior (what a person does) changes the brain. People are born straight. However, the brain, at birth, contains the “seeds” for abnormal behavior. If a person engages in homosexual activity, these seeds grow larger. As they grow larger it temporarily becomes more difficult to change back to normal behavior.

Fortunately, there is a built-in corrective mechanism that eventually kicks in. This results in homosexuals (Gay-perverts) becoming straight again.

The black areas in the brain (see diagrams below) are found in all human beings. These represent impulses toward abnormal behavior. The size of these areas is affected by what a person does. If one engages in homosexual activity, these areas become larger.



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Why the APA and the NIMH Fail At Mental Health

The reason the APA (American Psychiatric Association) and the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) fail at mental health is that they try to treat two different sciences as the same science. That is, they try to treat brain science and mind science as the same thing.

Brain science and mind science are not the same thing.

Brain science deals with the health of the brain. Mind science deals with the wholeness of the mind.

Now, health and wholeness are two different things.

Wholeness is not health.

Wholeness is the completeness of the complex (a set of interacting things) of abilities of the human mind.

To be mentally ill is actually, to one degree or another, to be mentally disabled. Mental illness (mental disability) requires rehabilitation ([mental] retraining), not recovery ([physiological] rebuilding).

The main idea of wholeness is:

Complete ability.

The main idea of mental health, which is a poorly chosen term for what we are really dealing with and which should be called mental wholeness is:

Complete ability of the mind.

Now, what the stupid, moronic APA and NIMH are trying to do is to give people mental ability through drugs . What utter nonsense!

Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project (SMHSP or HSP for short)

Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project was headed up by UPAX (United States Psychiatric Association).

Today, Monday, March 24, 2014, at 12:00 noon precisely, Dr. Bisconti announced the final breakthrough that completes a 50-year analytical study of the human mind. This advances Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project (SMHSP or HSP for short) to the point where chemical psychiatry is now a thing of the past. (Sorry, pharmaceutical companies, you just lost a trillion dollars.)

Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project uses concepts analogous to biological concepts but which are not in any way biological. Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project (SMHSP or HSP for short) is an American scientific research project with the goals of determining the chronological sequence of psybase pairs (pschological base pairs (“building blocks of the mind”]) that make up human DXA (the conceptual substructure of the human mind) and of identifying and mapping all of the psygenes (psybase pair complexes [psybase pair aggregates {psychological base pair aggregates}]) of the human psynome (DXA) from transcendental, cerebral, and functional standpoints.

To begin to provide better understanding of the concepts involved, here are the mental structures, in governing order from most powerful to least powerful:

  1. mind
  2. DXA (psynomes): the conceptual substructure of the human mind; called also a “psynome”; the mind consists of aggregates of DXA (psynomes)
  3. psygene: a psybase pair complex (psychological base pair aggregate); DXA (psynomes) is made up of psygenes
  4. psybase pair: a psychological base pair; a “building block of the mind”; psygenes consist of psybase pairs

One of the most critical discoveries/implications of HSP is that the brain is the servant of the mind and not, as medical science has taught for 200 years, the other way around.

Needless to say, we have much more information to provide on HSP.

Footnote: Dr. Bisconti notes that it was an American and a Christian and a Bible believer who made the critical discoveries underlying HSP.

Super Evidence-Based: Pneumiatric Psychiatry

Pneumiatric psychiatry is super evidenced-based.  What do we mean?

  1. Pneumiatric psychiatry is evidence-based.
  2. Pneumiatric psychiatry is massively evidence-based in every particular.
  3. Pneumiatric psychiatry is intelligibly evidence-based in every particular.